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Maybe a good shaking is what some people need?

The seismic rate in Oklahoma is about 600 times greater than it was before 2008, around the time dewatering started in the state.
Just this week, Oklahoma finally admitted that “the cause of increased earthquake activity in the state was do to the injection/disposal of water associated with oil and gas production”‘ sited from a report from the Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS).
What’s crazy is that there are companies, scientists and people in our communities that are trying to develop and promote much better energy extraction methods but are getting beat down and ignored.
Old “crude” energy extraction methods  are being protected by the major oil companies to protect their investments. But what about the investments our citizens, our towns and our environment?
And even more surprising was the fact that in the same week, the state of Oklahoma passed state legislation to prohibit local bans on drilling. Does this mean that Tulsa County will be the victims of earthquake damage to homeowners/business owners property?
Will the oil companies take the responsibility for the damages already done in the OKC area? http://newsok.com/bill-passes-oklahoma-house-to-prohibit-local-bans-on-oil-drilling/article/5412766
A link to the Seismic Shift in Oklahoma article.
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