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Here is an excerpt from a audio transcript on the two different perspectives of what drives change in behavior concerning energy alternatives.  I would love for you to let me know what you think about this topic! 



“…Well, in energy, I think we can probably put something in all of those four quadrants that we’ve talked about. In the incremental and sustaining quadrant, the bottom left quadrant, I would put improvements in efficiency of the internal combustion engine that powers our cars.

You see, over the past few decades, people have been making cars more efficient in terms of the amount of fuel that they need to travel. But this hasn’t fundamentally changed the architecture of the internal combustion engine nor has it changed our relationship with our vehicles.

That’s not to say it isn’t important. And in fact, those sorts of innovations are the bulk of most innovations anywhere.

But up at the radical end, I would argue you could put carbon capture and storage. This, as you probably know, is a technology that attempts to capture the harmful emissions from producing our energy from coal.

It’s radical because it’s still in development. It hasn’t been deployed to scale but it has huge potential. But it’s actually sustaining because it doesn’t actually change the structure of the coal industry nor the way in which we use energy that’s generated from coal.

Now diametrically opposed to that, I would argue something close to what Carolyn’s been talking about is the– just turning down your thermostat. What could be easier than that? It is almost the opposite of radical. But I would argue that just as we’ve been talking about with passive houses and people getting used to them, I’d argue that that is actually quite disruptive because it requires behavioural change.

It requires people to change the way that they live in their house. And as I talked about in Week Two, behaviour change is perhaps one of the most difficult sustainability challenges.

So is there something that’s both radical and disruptive in terms of energy?

Well, I would argue that what might fit up there is the European super grid because, if you think about that, the notion here is that we can have energy across Europe generated from renewable sources, primarily renewable sources, but of course, it overcomes the disadvantages of renewables being intermittent. So it’s not always windy where you want the energy but it’ll be windy somewhere in Europe. So you could export say wind from northern Scotland or perhaps some solar power from southern Spain to the areas that it’s needed.

But that’s quite radical in the sense of long-distance transmission of energy, perhaps energy storage, smart grids, not to mention all the political challenges. And it’s also, I would argue, disruptive because it changes the way that energy markets work, both nationally and all across the continent up Europe.

So I think we can sum up, can’t we, by saying that, broadly speaking, radical change requires technical innovation. But disruptive change requires market innovation.

Yes, and we’ve looked at both radical and disruptive change in housing and energy.”


© 2014 University of Bath 2,   Audio Transcript  https://ugc.futurelearn.com/uploads/related_file/file/2943/9eeda0bbc6e60997ee276e68e2b95ee7-SP4_4_3.pdf

Buiding of the New – The Secret to Change


Fair Trade products are more available than any time before. We have bananas in our local grocery store with the Fair Trade stickers pasted on the fruit. There are still many different logos that represent the effort and can be a little confusing. I am posting a link that summarizes the different logos and helps identify them. http://fairtradeburlington.wordpress.com/what-does-it-mean-to-be-fair-trade-2/

The quote from Socrates fits great with the photo that I took this summer. The picture was from a town in Italy that was inside of a fort at the top of mountain by the sea. While strolling the streets of this ancient city I found an eerie relic from the past. Of course I had to take a picture of it!

Short-Term VS Long-Term


There are a magnitude of inspirations and causes to focus on for topics of Fair Trade.  But the children that are drawn into the endless cycle of poverty are the most heart wrenching.

Short term vs. long term. We are a generation of quick fixes. How can we slow down and take a deep breath and look at where we are today and ponder about change for the future?

Education in the western world is a luxury. I know that I have never considered life in my community without the readily available opportunity of a basic education.   There is a plethora of social and economical benefits of an educated population. Can you imagine where we would be without education? No, seriously, close you eyes and try to image what your life would be like if you, your mother and or father never had an opportunity to go to school past the third grade. Do you see your self in a different neighborhood, a different house, eating different food? Personally, it is very terrifying to image.

While living in Houston, I met a man that is genuinely devoted to helping the underprivileged of the world. I have followed his pictorial journey on Instagram, Facebook and his website.  He posts pictures of the children and women around the world that he works with to help make a change in their lives. I could go on for hours, but yesterday I read his latest post on Facebook and was moved by his initiative.

“If I told you you could give $X and it would get him enrolled in school next week, there would be an outpouring of support to rescue him, which would be great. But if I announced we can start a small business for $Y that in six months will not only rescue him, but keep him enrolled in school for 10 years, most would hesitate to give toward that. Why? Sadly, we’ve been so conditioned for immediate results that we don’t have the patience for long-term solutions. Yes, by all means we should respond to critical needs when we believe it can make a difference. But I challenge you to look at the bigger picture with your charitable giving. Learn more about our vision to successfully sustain our children’s outreach in his colony in a long-term, empowering fashion, and please join us by raising awareness and/or giving toward our goal: http://tr.im/46wjl Thank you!” -Kirby Trapolino

-Together we can do so much…