Finding our peak experience?


How do we find our peak experiences in life? Hiking in the fresh mountain air and soaking in the unseasonal amount of sunshine is fulfilling for the soul. It strikes a nerve of excitement for nature and a connection with our environment. It reminds me of a book that I just started reading. It explains something that I have experienced a number of times while I’ve been in nature. Whether it is in the heart of the Redwood forest of California, the rolling prairies of the plains of Oklahoma, the mountain tops of Norway or the ruins of lost Roman civilizations. It’s the feeling of appreciation and awe that stirs an awareness of our existence.


“Abraham Maslow called these “peak experiences” since they represent the high moments of life where we joyfully find ourselves captured beyond the confines of the mundane and the ordinary. ” (Tolle, 1999)

Let yourself experience peak experiences! Let you hair out, it’s okay!
What is your most memorable peak experience?

Tolle, Eckart 1999, (“The power of now”)

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