“We are just getting started.” – Matt Damon

Congratulations to Matt Damon, Actor and Co-Founder, Water.org, USA. Matt Damon was one of three recipients of 2014 World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award honors artists whose important contributions are improving the state of the world. Check out the YouTube video.

This week, January 22-25 in Davos, Switzerland, is the World Economic Conference 2014 :” “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business” is therefore the thematic focus of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014. Our aim is to develop the insights, initiatives and actions necessary to respond to current and emerging challenges.” Source

While scanning through the Davos 2014 World Economic Forum‘s live conference site (which is very cool!) I notice the live twitter feeds of participants at the convention. I found the annual letter for the Gates Foundation and was surprised by the passion in the content.

It is ironic that the foundation has a reputation for a hard-nosed focus on results, and yet many people are cynical about the government aid programs we partner with. – Bill Gates

Bill Gates tries to debunk three myths about world poverty. The annual letter is written with honest passion and has viable statistics to back up the arguments. It is definitely worth a look. I honestly did not realize the magnitude of improvements in the quality of life for third world countries that has taken place since the 1960s. It is very encouraging, but as Matt Damon stated, “We are just getting started!”

You can follow Bill Gates on Twitter at:@BillGates

You can follow Matt Damon’s Water.org on Twitter at: @Water

Social Media Raises the Stakes?

Running a business can sometimes be compared to gambling.  It’s all about how much the reward out ways the risk, which of course, can be relative.  Profits are the ultamite goal for any company.  But, by which means to achieve the goal is what makes the difference for companies that operate with a corporate social conscience.

I’ve heard that one’s character can be defined by “what we do when no one is watching”. This can also be appied to Business Ethics and in today’s business world, everyone is watching.  This is increasingly true with the booming interest in Social Media! Companies may have more reservations for future policies and practices when they know that the customer’s are watching and will make purchasing choices based on the companies actions. Healthy markets are built on free trade and once again the power is in the choice of the consumer. Companies are beginning to acknowledge this powerful inflence and are making changes.

I found this article in the New York Times, “Slowly, Asia’s Factories Begin to Turn Green” to be revealing of the new trends within social media. Whether the choices are made for the “right reasons” or if the company truly sees the value in the power of social media will not be easy to determine. But it works for me! What do you think?