Role models: How to be a good Fair Trade example for our children?

banana-photo“A man can work from sun to sun, but a mother’s job is never done.”

Okay, I know, I know! There are some very nurturing fathers out there too!  It just so happens that I myself am a mother, and that’s just my opinion! (wink!)

Our children are like little sponges that absorb everything we say and everything we don’t say; everything we do and everything we don’t do. We can make huge advances for change by first making small adjustments in our behavior or purchasing habits.  I know that creating awareness for Fair Trade purchases will take time. But before we can make changes in our thinking we need to make changes in our behavior. As I mentioned in a previous post,, the labeling on the products make it much easier to chose Fair Trade products when we are given a choice. So when you see any of the following products you can aslo look for the Fair Trade label!

Here’s a suggestion, try this the next time you have your children with you while grocery or clothes shopping:  Give them a challenge to look for an ingredient/item on your shopping list that has a Fair Trade label.  Here are some products that are ethically produced or sustainable harvested and sold:

Cotton and Linen

Beans and Grains

Body Care (Brazilian nuts are found in a lot of our makeup)



Flowers and Plants

Fruits and Vegetables

Herbs and Spices


Nuts and Oilseeds

Multi-Ingredient Foods


Sports Balls




For more information about how you can make Fair Trade purchases and help support other families, follow the link for Fair Trade USA (every purchase matters)

There are Fair Trade websites for many other countries, for example you can search for your country of choice and you may find a designated county site.  I found for Norway this winter. It has been a big inspiration for my quest for more information about Fair Trade products and retailers in my area. Good Luck!

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