Short-Term VS Long-Term


There are a magnitude of inspirations and causes to focus on for topics of Fair Trade.  But the children that are drawn into the endless cycle of poverty are the most heart wrenching.

Short term vs. long term. We are a generation of quick fixes. How can we slow down and take a deep breath and look at where we are today and ponder about change for the future?

Education in the western world is a luxury. I know that I have never considered life in my community without the readily available opportunity of a basic education.   There is a plethora of social and economical benefits of an educated population. Can you imagine where we would be without education? No, seriously, close you eyes and try to image what your life would be like if you, your mother and or father never had an opportunity to go to school past the third grade. Do you see your self in a different neighborhood, a different house, eating different food? Personally, it is very terrifying to image.

While living in Houston, I met a man that is genuinely devoted to helping the underprivileged of the world. I have followed his pictorial journey on Instagram, Facebook and his website.  He posts pictures of the children and women around the world that he works with to help make a change in their lives. I could go on for hours, but yesterday I read his latest post on Facebook and was moved by his initiative.

“If I told you you could give $X and it would get him enrolled in school next week, there would be an outpouring of support to rescue him, which would be great. But if I announced we can start a small business for $Y that in six months will not only rescue him, but keep him enrolled in school for 10 years, most would hesitate to give toward that. Why? Sadly, we’ve been so conditioned for immediate results that we don’t have the patience for long-term solutions. Yes, by all means we should respond to critical needs when we believe it can make a difference. But I challenge you to look at the bigger picture with your charitable giving. Learn more about our vision to successfully sustain our children’s outreach in his colony in a long-term, empowering fashion, and please join us by raising awareness and/or giving toward our goal: Thank you!” -Kirby Trapolino

-Together we can do so much…

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