Are the mosquitoes driving you bananas this summer?

Bananas represent 50% of all fruit imported into the US.
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And what do with itchy  mosquitoes bites have to do with bananas, you may ask?  While  was scanning several health benefits of eating bananas, I found that you can take the peel of the banana and rub it on mosquito bites to reduce the irritation and swelling! Momma Betty always says that “A banana is a pill in a peel”.  She swears that eating a banana in the evening before you go to bed will help you get to sleep faster and get a more restful sleep!

Other health benefits of the Yellow Wonder Fruit are:

Keep blood pressure under check

 Cut down risk of stroke

Promote bone health.

Protect eyesight

Supports healthy kidney

Ease depression

Treat anaemia

Reduces constipation

Soothe heart burn

Prevents morning sickness

Ease peptic ulcers

Mood enhancers

Morning sickness cure

Quit smoking

Effective in diarrhea

Menstrual pains cure

Increase brain power – (my personal favorite)

Lower cholesterol

Cure pile

Dispel effect of hangover

Support weight loss

Healthy Skin


Like most fruits, the banana is a healthful food that can be eaten without any problem.  However, diabetics should consult with a physician or dietician to determine if bananas should be included in a diet that aims to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates.  Anyone with an allergy to bananas should also avoid the fruits to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction.

Find out more details about the health benefits of eating bananas at:

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